Organics Management to Reduce Methane and Combat Climate Change

This website contains materials related to the Washington State workgroup on Organics Management to Reduce Methane and Combat Climate Change.  This workgroup is meeting bi-monthly between July – December 2021 with the following purpose and role:

Purpose: Improve organics management system in Washington is order to reduce methane and combat climate change.

Role: Using California SB1383 Law as a starting point, gather stakeholder input to inform policy tailored for Washington.

Workgroup Members: A list of workgroup members can be found here

Meeting agendas, presentations and notes will be posted regularly on this website.

Meeting 9


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Contamination Feedstocks
Compost Manufacturing Alliance
Food Waste Source Reduction & Recovery Programs in San Diego
Contamination Workshop
Tipping Fee Policy Considerations


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Washington State Organics Contamination Reduction Workgroup Report
Case Study: Food Waste Measurement and Consumer Education in Households
Case Study: Reducing Food Waste in Large Institutions


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